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Lady Death: Swimsuit #1 - Dan Mendoza Naughty Edition


Get this book signed by creator Brian Pulido as a no-cost option!

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Interiors: Various (pin up art book)
Cover: Dan Mendoza

Lady Death is internationally recognized as one of the most iconic, enthralling and legendary fantasy characters the world has ever known. In this awe-inspiring assemblage of terrific talents, the greatest artists of our time bring Lady Death to life. Included in this edition you will find swimsuit-themed masterpieces by:

Elias Chatzoudis ● Jeremy Clark ● Kate Colors ● Mike DeBalfo ● David Delanty ● Chris Ehnot ● Sean Forney ● Joel Gomez ● David Harrigan ● Ken Hunt ● Sun Khamunaki ●Ryan Kincaid ● Mike Krome ● Dawn McTeigue ● Dan Mendoza ● Matt Merhoff ● Jonboy Meyers ● Monte Moore ● Sanju Nivangune ● Richard Ortiz ● Paolo Pantalena ● Arif Prianto ● Sabine Rich ● Anthony Spay ● Lorenzo Sperlonga ● Sorah Suhng ● Nathan Szerdy ● Tevan ● Collette Turner ● Jose Varese ● Jesse Wichmann

Full color, 32 pages. Premium cardstock cover! Limited to 250 copies!

Available SIGNED by Brian Pulido as a no-cost option. Signed copies include a Certificate of Authenticity.

NOTE: Censor bar does not appear on actual cover.

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