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CLICK HERE to check out the Lady Death Omnibus!
CLICK HERE to check out the Lady Death Omnibus!

Lady Death: Diabolical Harvest - Digital Copy


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a digital copy. No physical copy is included with this item. Your download link will sent via email upon completion of this purchase.

 Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean
Interiors: Diego Bernard, Ceci de la Cruz

Chapter 16 in the Coffin Comics Lady Death Universe.

Suffering a devastating defeat at the hands of the psychotic Lady Virtue, the diva of death nearly meets a gruesome fate. Only one thing pulls Lady Death back from the edge of oblivion: VENGEANCE! But how do you defeat an adversary who can steal your very life essence? Can Lady Death and warrior angel Serena finally put a stop to HALO and Matthias? Or will they fall victim to Lady Virtue's twisted desires?

Full color, 48 pages. Delivered as a DRM-free PDF.

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