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Hellwitch: The Forsaken - Comic Book Market Set


Get this book set signed for FREE by creator Brian Pulido!
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Story: Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean
Interiors: Diego Bernard, Ceci de la Cruz
Covers: Various

Chapter 2 of Hellwitch's story.

To avenge her murdered lover, Hellwitch slaughtered a queen and burnt her own hive to the ground. Now she has become Hell's most notorious rebel, with a price on her head to match. Forced to wander the wastelands, Hellwitch finds herself hunted by old enemies. They will stop at nothing to finish her and butcher the last survivors of her hive. Can Hellwitch defeat her ruthless adversaries? Or will a twisted rival from her past annihilate Hellwitch's very soul?

A complete set of Hellwitch: The Forsaken Comic Market Editions:
  • Standard Edition (Sun Khamunaki)
  • Horns Edition (Alé Garza, Mostafa Moussa)
  • Comic Market Premium Foil Edition (Paolo Pantalena, Arif Prianto)
  • Comic Market Naughty Edition (Nathan Szerdy)
FREE BONUS: Also included with this set is a copy of Hellwitch: The Forsaken - Elite Edition, featuring cover art by Jenevieve Broomall! This edition is exclusive to this set and not currently available separately!

Each book is full color and 48 pages. Saddle stitched.

Set available SIGNED by creator Brian Pulido as a no-cost option. Signed sets include a Certificate of Authenticity for each book.

NOTE: Censor bar does not appear on actual Comic Market Naughty Edition cover.