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Hellwitch: Sacrilegious - Violet Metal Edition (Mockup) - CGC Signature Series 9.8 (#3940694025) - Sunday Slabs 3/3


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Cover: Dawn McTeigue

MOCKUP COPY: Coffin Comics produces "Mock Up" Editions to market and promote upcoming editions to readers and collectors. They frequently have no interior printing, are not the final product and are handled during promotion. Hence, they are prone to imperfections. "Mock Up" Editions, which range in number from one to four copies per select edition, are the assets of Coffin Comics until sold or gifted. Mock Up Editions are offered in "AS-IS" condition and will not be reprinted. 

CGC UNIVERSAL SERIES GRADED: This copy was graded and slabbed by CGC with a Signature Series (yellow) label. 9.8 grade. CGC Certification Number: 3940694025.

NOTE: Censor bar does not appear on actual slab.

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