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Lady Death: Diabolical Harvest - Spelltwister 2-Book Set


Get this book set signed for FREE by creator Brian Pulido! Includes a Certificate of Authenticity for each book.

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Story: Brian Pulido, Mike Maclean
Interiors: Diego Bernard, Ceci de la Cruz
Cover: Elias Chatzoudis

Chapter 16 in the Coffin Comics Lady Death Universe

Suffering a devastating defeat at the hands of the psychotic Lady Virtue, the diva of death nearly meets a gruesome fate. Only one thing pulls Lady Death back from the edge of oblivion—VENGEANCE! But how do you defeat an adversary who can steal your very life essence? Can Lady Death and warrior angel Serena finally put a stop to HALO and Matthias? Or will they fall victim to Lady Virtue’s twisted desires?

Set Contains: 

Lady Death: Diabolical Harvest - Spelltwister Edition
Lady Death: Diabolical Harvest - Naughty Spelltwister Edition

Full color, 48 pages. European squarebound graphic novel. 

Available SIGNED by Brian Pulido for FREE! Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

NOTE: Censor bar does not appear on actual Naughty Spelltwister Edition.

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