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La Muerta: Retribution #1 - Royalty Holo-Foil Edition


Get this product SIGNED by Brian Pulido for FREE! Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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NOTICE: Due to the nature of the materials and the manufacturing process, holo-foil covers may have light scratches and/or marks on the covers. Please note these are not considered to be defects by the manufacturer and we cannot return or exchange foil covers for these reasons.

Story: Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean
 Joel Gomez, Ceci de la Cruz
Cover: Diego Bernard, Ceci de la Cruz

Chapter 4 (Part 1) of La Muerta's story.

Seeking justice for a murdered child, La Muerta narrowly escapes death at the hands of a supernatural evil -- the legendary La Llorona. But La Muerta's victory is short-lived. Her defiance has enraged a ruthless criminal mastermind known as Brujo. Practicing the darkest of magic, Brujo will stop at nothing to accomplish his nefarious plans. Now, only La Muerta and the Luchador vigilante Loco can challenge the crime boss' brutality. How can La Muerta fight an enemy she can't kill and what terrible price will she pay for the sake of retribution?

Full color, 24 pages. Premium holo-foil cover! Limited to just 55 serially numbered copies!

This cover interlocks with the Lady Death: Treacherous Infamy #1 - Royalty Holo-Foil Edition and the Hellwitch: Sacrilegious #1 - Royalty Holo-Foil Edition!

Available SIGNED by Brian Pulido for FREE. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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