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Hellwitch vs. Lady Death: Wargasm - Victory Edition

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Story: Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean
Interiors: Diego Bernard, Ceci de la Cruz
Cover: Diego Bernard, Ceci de la Cruz

In a universe parallel to ours, the epic battle between Hellwitch had a different outcome which influenced events on a global scale for decades to come. In the end, Hellwitch was victorious over Lady Death! From that fateful night onward, Hellwitch waged a decades-long campaign to conquer the earth. Though Lady Death and her allies opposed the Hellbourne witch, her forces proved too mighty as cities and countries fell in ruin. Finally, on the eve of her final and complete take over, Hellwitch faced Lady Death in a rematch. The outcome? A tale for another time.

Full color, 48 pages. Square bound graphic novel.

Available SIGNED by Brian Pulido for FREE! Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.