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La Muerta: Ascension - Digital Copy

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 Mike MacLean, Brian Pulido
Interiors: Joel Gomez, Ceci de la Cruz

Chapter 5 of La Muerta's story.

It’s been eight months since the patron Saint of Death haunted Maria Diaz’s dreams — eight months since Maria donned the guise of the avenging vigilante, LA MUERTA. But instead of finding happiness in a peaceful life, Maria has grown restless. A trained combat soldier, she needs a mission to give her purpose and distract her from the creeping shadows of her losses.

Enter the legendary crime-fighting luchador, LOCO. He plans to wipe meth from the face of the barrio and needs La Muerta’s help to do it. Together, they leave a pile of broken thugs and dealers in their bone-crunching wake as they brawl their way through the city’s underwood.

But while La Muerta strikes fear in the hearts of criminals, forbidden magic calls forth an old enemy from the grave — an enemy who wants to see Maria’s life ripped to bloody shreds. Soon, the hunters become the hunted as an army of kill-crazy psychos leave Loco at death’s door and pursue La Muerta to the very bowels of the city. Desperate and alone, Maria must summon every once of her will to escape. Otherwise, La Muerta will soon face all of her fallen enemies…in Hell!

Full color, 48 pages. Delivered as a DRM-free PDF.