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Medieval Lady Death: War of the Winds #1


Story: Brian Pulido
Interiors & Cover: Di Amorim

Medieval Europe is threatened by a near immortal race called the Eldritch. Humanity's last hope for survival is Lady Death, an outcast who is half-human, half-Eldritch and all attitude. She is part of both clans, but belongs to neither. Months ago, she gave up her warrior ways and has settled in a quiet community. Unknown to her, The Eldritch are poised to attack the human kingdoms on an unprecedented scale. To save the very people who fear her, Medieval Lady Death will be forced into decisions that challenge everything she has ever believed in. This is it, the battle for all the Kingdoms begins here!

Full color, 32 pages. Issue #1 of 6.

NOTE: Copies are sold AS-IS.
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