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Lady Death: Merciless Onslaught #1 - Chase Edition

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Story: Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean
Interiors: Dheeraj Verma, Sabine Rich
Cover: Mike DeBalfo, Ceci de la Cruz

Chapter 5 (Part 1) in the Coffin Comics Lady Death Universe.

Herr Reich, a rogue Nazi scientist has kidnapped Jake the last innocent in Hell because he suspects he is the key to enacting his master plan and conquering Hell. But Lady Death ain't having it. Aided by Haxan and Hellrider, the diva of death plans to rescue Jake and dismantle everything Reich hold dear! But is it even possible? Featuring the sadistic Frau Helga and introducing newcomers Steelheart and Mr. Atticus Marrow and re-introducing Thanatos, demon lord of Hell, Wargoth of the Everkind and Eldritch princess, Caprice.

A sealed and randomized colored Chase Edition with a run of 402 total copies broken into colored subsets of different rarities:

  • White (66 copies)
  • Purple (66 copies)
  • Gold (66 copies)
  • Green (66 copies)
  • Blue (66 copies)
  • Red (66 copies)
  • Omega White (1 copy)
  • Omega Purple (1 copy)
  • Omega Gold (1 copy)
  • Omega Green (1 copy)
  • Omega Blue (1 copy)
  • Omega Red (1 copy)

Full color, 24 pages.

NOTE: Due to the sealed and randomized nature of this product, we cannot offer it SIGNED.


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