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Lady Death: Goddess Sketch Card

by 5Finity
Sold out
Artwork: Various

A 5Finity special 2019 SDCC exclusive! Each sealed pack contains one (1) random original artist sketch card!

Sketch card artists include: Adam Hicks, Amber Stone, Andrew Fielder, Andy Bohn, Andy Carreon, Barush Merling, Bianca Thompson, Bill Maus, Celor, Christopher Foulkes, Danielle Ellison, Danielle Gransaull, EJ Su, Elfie Lebouleux, Eric Van Elslande, Erica Hesse, George Webber, Huy Truong, Israel Arteaga, Jackie Santiago, Jme Foronda, Kat Maus, Kelly Everaert, Kenneth Hutcheson, Leon Braojos, Logan Monette, Mary Bellamy, Matthew Sutton, Patrick Finch, Rene Cordova, Tony Scott, Tracy Bailey, William Bronson, William Donley and William Zorn.

NOTE: Due to the sealed and random nature of this product, we cannot offer it SIGNED by Brian Pulido. Sorry!