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Lady Death: Goddess Gold Series Sketch Card


SHIPPING ADVISORY: We expect to ship this product on Week Ending August 21.

ORDER LIMIT: This product is strictly limited to two (2) cards per customer per household. Duplicate orders may be cancelled.

We apologize, but Brian's signature is not available on this product (sealed cards).


Artwork: Various

A randomly sealed original Lady Death sketch card measuring 5x7". No two cards are alike! Limited to just 700 total cards!

POSSIBLE ARTISTS (Cards 1-560): Amber Stone (10), Andrew Fielder (30), Arley Tucker (5), Barush Merling (30), Bianca Thompson (10), Bill Maus (10), Celor (10), Christopher Foulkes (20), Dave Beaty (30), Don Walker (10), Elfie Lebouleux (5), Erica Hesse (10), Huy Truong (10), Israel Arteaga (30), Jason Sobol (10), Jay Mooers (30), Jme Foronda (30), José Carlos Sánchez (30), Juan Méndez (30), Kat Maus (40), Kate Carleton (20), Keith Dotson (15), León Braojos (30), Luro Hersal (30), Mark Slater (10), Mary Bellamy (12), Patrick Finch (6), René Córdova (30), Rusty Gilligan (5), Sammo Filipo (20), Scott Rorie (5), William Donley (10).

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