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Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 - Local Comic Shop Metallic Edition


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Story: Brian Pulido, Brian Augustyn
Interiors: Dheeraj Verma, Sabine Rich
Cover: David Harrigan

Chapter 1 (Part 1) in the Coffin Comics Lady Death Universe.

Lady Death is awakened from a 20-year, spell-induced slumber and finds herself in the fiery pits of Hell. Who among her depraved enemies is responsible? How long until she exacts bloody vengeance? Let the hunt begin! Featuring the alluring and cruel diva of death as only creator, Brian Pulido can deliver. Chock full of sex, violence, and very, very bad behavior. Experience Lady Death fully realized! LONG LIVE LADY DEATH!

In collaboration with Faerie Metal Photography, all proceeds from this edition will benefit Give Comics Hope, an organization that provides much-needed aid to local comic shops across the country!

Full color, 24 pages. METAL front cover! Edition will be limited approximately to the number of orders received by Monday, October 19 at 5:00PM PDT (8:00PM PDT). Editions will be serially numbered.

Available SIGNED by Lady Death creator Brian Pulido as a no-cost option. Signed copies include a Certificate of Authenticity.