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Lady Death: Apocalyptic Abyss #1 - Chase Edition


Story: Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean
Interiors: Dheeraj Verma, Ceci de la Cruz
Cover: Walter Simonson, Yen Nitro

Chapter 7 (Part 1) in the Coffin Comics Lady Death Universe

Lady Death and the Hellraiders are imprisoned in the Hell city Dis, while Hellwitch and her army descend to decimate Lady Death for once and for all. Their only chance for survival? Infiltrate the lair of the Hellbourne Elders, guarded by ten thousand Hellbourne! Can Lady Death deliver her mother's beloved soul to Heaven? Hell, can Lady Death even survive this epic onslaught, or is this her final stand?


A sealed and randomized colored Chase Edition with a run of 402 total copies broken into colored subsets of different rarities:

  • White (66 copies)
  • Violet (66 copies)
  • Gold (66 copies)
  • Emerald (66 copies)
  • Blue (66 copies)
  • Crimson (66 copies)
  • Omega White (1 copy)
  • Omega Violet (1 copy)
  • Omega Gold (1 copy)
  • Omega Emerald (1 copy)
  • Omega Blue (1 copy)
  • Omega Crimson (1 copy)

Full color, 24 pages.

NOTE: Due to the sealed and randomized nature of this product, we cannot offer it SIGNED.
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