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Hellwitch: Hellbourne #1 - Chase Edition


We apologize, but CGC grading/slabbing is not available for this product.

Story: Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean
Interiors: Diego Bernard
Cover: Diego Bernard, Ceci de la Cruz

Chapter 1 (Part 1) of Hellwitch’s story.

Hellwitch began life as a lowly hatchling, the lowest caste in the magnificent Hellhive, destined forever to be a pit slave, discarding body parts in the pain pits.

But through sheer drive and determination, she rises through the castes to become a warrior, to take a lover, to gain respect.

But the hive queen takes notice and makes Hellwitch's life an unbearable hell. Can a lowly rebel pit slave topple a mighty hierarchy out to crush her? Find out in Hellwitch: Hellbourne!

A sealed and randomized colored Chase Edition with a run of 336 total copies broken into colored subsets of different rarities:

  • White (55 copies)
  • Purple (55 copies)
  • Gold (55 copies)
  • Green (55 copies)
  • Blue (55 copies)
  • Red (55 copies)
  • Omega White (1 copy)
  • Omega Purple (1 copy)
  • Omega Gold (1 copy)
  • Omega Green (1 copy)
  • Omega Blue (1 copy)
  • Omega Red (1 copy)

Full color, 24 pages. Saddle stitched.

Due to the sealed and randomized nature of this product, we cannot offer it SIGNED by Brian Pulido.

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