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Coffin Comics Deluxe Digital Set


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a digital copy bundle. No physical copies are included with this purchase. Your download links will sent via email upon completion of this purchase.

This bundle collects every Coffinverse story that's currently available online!

LADY DEATH (13 chapters): Chaos Rules (Chapter 1), Damnation Game (Chapter 2), Extinction Express (Chapter 3), Oblivion Kiss (Chapter 4), Merciless Onslaught (Chapter 5), Unholy Ruin (Chapter 6), Apocalyptic Abyss (Chapter 7), Nightmare Symphony (Chapter 8), Scorched Earth (Chapter 9), Blasphemy Anthem (Chapter 10), Malevolent Decimation (Chapter 11), and Treacherous Infamy (Chapter 12), Cataclysmic Majesty (Chapter 13).

LA MUERTA (6 chapters): Descent (Chapter 1), Last Rites (Chapter 2), Vengeance (Chapter 3), Retribution (Chapter 4), Ascension (Chapter 5), and Retaliation (Chapter 6).

HELLWITCH (3 chapters): Hellbourne (Chapter 1), The Forsaken (Chapter 2), and Sacrilegious (Chapter 3). Zack the Zombie Exterminator!

1,184 full-color pages of content! Delivered as DRM-free PDFs.

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