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Lady Death: Necrotic Genesis - Naughty Color Splash Metal Edition

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Brian Pulido, Mike Maclean
Interiors: Diego Bernard, Ceci de la Cruz
Cover: Richard Ortiz, Sanju Nivangune


Chapter 15 in the Coffin Comics Lady Death Universe

Lady Death’s world is upended when “white reapers” bearing her unique DNA manifest across the globe and are labelled for execution by the nefarious HALO Corporation, who will stop at nothing to wipe Lady Death and her “offspring” from the face of the earth—including summoning a murderous death god from the darkest of dimensions. Can Lady Death and the battle-hardened War Angel Serena stop HALO from executing its despicable extinction plan? Or will they fall victim to—WORLD WAR DEATH!

A sealed and randomized colored Chase Edition with a run of 306 total copies broken into colored subsets of different rarities:

  • Azure (50 copies)
  • Emerald (50 copies)
  • Gold (50 copies)
  • Scarlet (50 copies)
  • Silver (50 copies)
  • Violet (50 copies)
  • Omega Azure (1 copy)
  • Omega Emerald (1 copy)
  • Omega Gold (1 copy)
  • Omega Scarlet (1 copy)
  • Omega Silver (1 copy)
  • Omega Violet (1 copy) 
Full color, 48 pages. European squarebound graphic novel. METAL front cover! 

NOTE: Due to the randomized nature of this product, we cannot offer it SIGNED.
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